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CP-SA1 Hot Melt Glue Box Sealing Machine

The high-speed semi-automatic hot melt glue box sealing machine is widely used in the carton packaging’s sizing and sealing for food industry, tissue, and healthcare products and so on




AC220V 50Hz | 3.2 kw

Operating temperature


Sealing box size

(80-280) × (40-190) × (30-90) mm

Machine size


Machine weight


Sealing speed

40-60 boxes/min

Melt glue tank


product details

High speed hot melt glue box sealing machine is specially designed to pack a small box at the speed of 60 pcs/min.


High speed hot melt glue box packaging machine can be connected to any small box converting machine to do flow wrap packing

Packing different sizes on this machine

Packing Length:80-280 mm (Adjustable)

Packing Width: 40-190 mm (Adjustable)

Packing height: 30-90 mm (Adjustable)

High Speed

  • CP-SA1 capacity speed is able to reach 100 pcs/min.

 Ease of Operation

  • Easy and quick change according to the size of the box
  • Machine stops automatically when temperature beyond the limited
  • Visual & audible warning systems
  • Stainless steel is applied to the cover of machine

 Great Capacity Utilization

  • Auto hot melt glue sealing system makes a great capacity utilization with minimum manpower and wastage rate.
  • 40 to 60 boxes per minute, generally, 10 to 15 times faster than manual (depending on box size and labor qualification)
  • The amount of glue used is about 1/4 of the amount of glue to be packed manually. Glue using is minimal (25 kg glue can seal 35,000 boxes to 40,000 boxes)

 Great Flexibility

  • CP-SA1 High-speed hot melt glue box sealing machine is designed to pack a vast variety of small box with the maximum height of 90mm such as tissue box, cookie box, coffee box, makeup box, any other small box.

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