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who we are

hot melt glue box sealing machine manufacturer

  • Focused on glue sealing machinery manufacturing.
  • Over 10 years of technical experience in manufacturing types of small box packing machines in China.
  • Mastery of sealing machine value chain.
  • The one-stop operational resource that covers Four manufacturing bases for sealing machines.
  • 3 years guarantee for the whole machine

how we work

easily find the right glue packing machine

Our commitment does not just sell the machine. our buyer guide experts analyze your needs and customize recommendations for your specific manufacturing process for the right glue machine.

Meanwhile, the service does not end with the machine delivery, you can get the 5 years to guarantee for the whole machine, and expert help you need to choose the correct patterns and machine to produce your products and packing at the high quality and best possible price.

How it work

Send us your data for evaluation

We’ll test the material in our workshop and provide clear, unbiased recommendations to fit your unique needs

We’ll send you videos of the gluing and assembly process as well as the bond tests.

one week


3 years guarantee



not sure what you need? let's talk

let's talk!

Get the right hot melt glue packing machine

don't get what you are looking for?

Let’s talk about what your need on box sealing machine.

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