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Easy Use Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Machinery

This Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Machinery is mainly used in carton packaging, medical and health supplies, car lights, car interiors, filter, toys, arts and crafts. also, this glue sealing machine with the hot melt laminating machine and coating machine is widely used in the diaper, footwear, sanitary towel, shoes, furniture, toy-making, tapes, labels, stickers and the mattress production line etc



Operating temperature



AC220V 50Hz | 0.8 kw

Melt glue tank


Machine weight


Machine size


Driven Type


product details

1. Temperature control system with reliable and stable quality, heating element and temperature sensor are imported brands, temperature control can be accurate to plus or minus 0.1 degree, so that the hot melt is heated evenly, no discoloration and no carbonization; the original hot melt has good chemical and physical properties.

2. Progressive preheating cylinder design, advanced first melt, coated with imported DuPont Teflon anti-adhesive coating, low energy consumption, reduce the carbonization phenomenon and keep the best quality of glue.
3. Holding temperature standby function, set holding temperature according to actual production requirements, prevent glue from carbonization, reduce power consumption and shorten heating time during the shift or at noon.
4. With over-temperature alarm power-off protection function, over-temperature 1-50 degrees can be freely adjusted, when the actual temperature exceeds the set value, the machine automatically turns off the power. Electrical components are imported joint venture brands.
5. Adopt double 100 mesh filter, reduce the phenomenon of nozzle clogging, new type of directional reflux device, more accurate and stable pressure adjustment. The melting cylinder adopts the latest precision welding technology, and the warranty period is ten years.
6. Adopting imported piston pump and seals, the glue output is stable and the pressure fluctuation is small, which prolongs the service life of the piston pump, greatly reduces the maintenance cost of customers and improves the production efficiency.
7. piston pump protection function, when the actual temperature of the tank does not meet the set temperature value, the piston pump does not work, playing a protective role, prolonging the service life of the equipment, to avoid the economic losses brought by the enterprise to the enterprise in violation of the operation.
8. Adopt EU standard circuit design, with automatic leakage protection function, so that the whole equipment is safer to use, voltage detection, voltage over-voltage, current over-current protection, to prevent damage to the equipment system due to high voltage. With current and voltage protection and other functions.
Applications: non-woven surgical wear, household sponge industry, auto parts industry, carton sealing, carton packaging, packaging equipment supporting the use of related industries.

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