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Hot Melt Adhesive Sealing Machinery

This Adhesive Coating Machinery is widely used in the diaper, footwear, sanitary towel, shoes, furniture, toy-making, tapes, labels, stickers and the mattress production line, etc



Operating temperature



AC220V 50Hz | 0.8 kw

Melt glue tank


Machine weight


Machine size


product details

1. The glue barrel is radially heated and can be heated in sections to improve the dissolution rate. The glue barrel is treated with Teflon coating, which reduces the carbonization rate of glue.
2. Adopt PID computer intelligent temperature control, even heating.
3. Accurate temperature control without carbonization, double temperature protection system, safe and reliable.
4. Independent suspension gear pump, can output a large amount of glue stably.
5. Precise automatic flow control valve can ensure the stability of glue and effectively improve the phenomenon of unstable instant glue pressure.
6. 6. Double-layer gear metering unitized design, can independently adjust the two-way glue pressure return, solve the special problem of several guns glue volume on the same machine, and can output independently and accurately without interfering with each other.
7. The machine structure adopts modular design, easy to maintain and repair.
8. Internal with multi-layer stainless steel filter, effective filtration of impurities, so that the output glue round.

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